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Web3 Hub is being created in cooperation with the Zlín region and aims to connect companies and research organisations across sectors; always with the help of ICT. We want to create new original collaborative projects that will give companies in the Zlín region a competitive advantage. This will also increase the added value of the Zlín region’s economy, the GDP growth, and the average growth of the region. At the same time, this centre will be a space for research in RIS3 areas in cooperation with Tomáš Bat’a University. In this context, the project also aims to develop UTB in the context of the needs of the Zlín region.

Web3 Hub Zlín

We wantWeb3 Hub Zlín to find the right talent. The Hub will serve as an accelerator through a pre-seed investment fund.

We want to create a community here that will be globally connected to other communities.

We expect the Centre to offer free space for networking and events.


The Zlín region is in an excellent location and a large number of small and medium-sized ICT enterprises have been established here since 1990. Zlín has always been and will continue to be a place where ideas take real form and even the boldest dreams become reality. Thanks to the university, named after Tomáš Bat’a, new experts in fields such as IT, marketing, the creative industry, and economic sciences are growing here. With its potential, the Zlín region offers space for building a modern, flexible, interactive technical and entrepreneurial base for the ICT industry.

In its innovation strategy, the Zlín region defines three key horizontal areas and four domains of specialisation. The Information, Control and Security Systems specialisation domain reflects the challenges and trends in the field of digitalisation and ICT – this area is key for further economic development of traditional sectors in the region and is also important cross-sectionally to implement the other specialisation domains and the horizontal priority areas of the RIS3 strategy of the Zlín region. 

Current situation - what has already been done

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Key Projects

Building a community around cutting-edge technologies

When introducing new technologies into the county’s ecosystem, community is critical. We need experts on campus, among entrepreneurs, enthusiasts among students, and a political representation that recognises the potential of modern technology.

Science Learning Centre (5G campus/Web3 HUB)

We want to connect ideas with creativity, design, and modern technology. The Web3 Hub’s task is to create a suitable environment for projects dealing with blockchain and 5G technology in the Zlín region.

Support for building 5G networks in our region

The 5G network, or fifth generation network, refers to new technology in telecommunication standards – fast, wireless connection with low latency. Thanks to 5G, local businesses will be able to create the ideal environment for the Internet of Things, such as autonomous vehicles, smart city elements, and many others.

Attracting experts to our

We can’t do it without experts. If the Zlín region wants to be a leader in certain technologies, we need to attract the best minds to help educate our students and at the same time pass on their know-how to companies.

Attracting talented students to the region

If we want our businesses to thrive, high-quality human capital is perhaps the most important thing. Tomáš Baťa understood this, which is why he set up Tomášov, where he educated the best of the best. Tomáš Baťa understood this, which is why he set up Tomášov, where he educated the best of the best.

Local student cryptocurrency and DAO at UTB

DAOs are decentralised autonomous organisations, of which hundreds are already emerging around the world, largely governed by principles written in smart contracts on blockchain. The best way to expose our students to this technology is by creating a local testing environment and creating student DAOs.

ICT training vouchers - TIC

Vouchers are financial instruments that support public and private entities in the preparation of strategic projects that meet the objectives of the Regional Innovation Strategy. Supporting the innovation environment in the region is the main objective of the long-term Smart Accelerator of the Zlín Region II project.

Support for start-ups - TIC

The start-ups of today will one day be the driving force of the entire Zlín region. That is why we need to create a suitable environment for their creation and further growth.

Vision Direction


launch of the WEB3 HUB project


Initializing the build-out of 50 Web3 and AI companies


initialization of the UNICORN Web3 build


24. 9. 2022

The University of Zlín teaches about blockchain

24. 9. 2022

Blockchain technology

24. 9. 2022

Blockchain Conference CryptoNight 2021

24. 9. 2022

Opening of a new course at utb focused on blockchain

30. 4. 2022

Experts to speak about blockchain in Zlin

30. 4. 2022

Block'22 - blockchain conference for students and industry professionals


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